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For Emergency phone number of the Doctor on-call, please call

(269) 471-7042

(269) 471-7042

Fax: (269) 471-4012

Tell someone about us and when they come in and mention your referral….we will apply a small token of appreciation to your account as a thank you for your trust and friendship.



Emergency Care

If  you have an emergency please call the hospital for the "on call Dr's phone number". We rotate emergency call with Dr. Ed Blesy from St. Joe Animal Wellness Hospital, so you may occasionally be put in touch with him. We do not have our hospital staffed with anyone staying overnight, but we do our best to always be available to either advise or to consult with you about your situation. We may decide to meet you at the hospital or potentially refer you directly to a specialist or to a 24 hr care facility. We also try to be available for large animal emergencies or farm calls.  

Pet Grooming

Check out Lia’s grooming page for more information on grooming at Two by Two Animal Hospital.

Our groomer has been working with pets professionally since 2004 and has been grooming since 2005. On this page you will find information about grooming services and prices.

Boarding for dogs, cats, birds, exotics, and many more.

We provide a comfortable, safe, and a fun place for your pet to stay while you are away from home. Fresh bedding and food is included in the boarding fee (unless on a special diet). If medication is needed to be given, we charge $1/medication per day. We also offer playtime, nature walks, and/or bathing for additional fees.


Exotics and Bird Care

Dr. Spink is able to treat a variety of exotic small animals, reptiles and birds. Please call to set up an appointment and meet her.

Comprehensive Physical Exams

We examine your pet from head to tail, examining the eyes, teeth, ears, and underparts, feeling for enlarged lymph nodes or lumps, listening for heart murmurs or abnormal lung sounds, and always getting a temperature and weight.

In house Laboratory services

We can run blood work, heartworm, urine, and fecal samples right in the hospital. We also check ear, skin, and mass cytologies under the microscope after we stain them in our lab. All these services help us to find out what is wrong with your pet as quickly as possible.

Ultrasound services

This is a quick and simple way to visualize the inside of the abdomen or chest without being to invasive. We shave the fur to be able to see a clear picture and it usually doesn’t take more than an hour. Ultrasound can be used to look for bladder stones or masses, abnormal fluid accumulation or cancer. It is very helpful to examine the structure of the kidney, liver or the spleen.

Digital radiology (x-ray) services (portable x-ray for farm calls)

We have digital x-rays that can be easily shared or sent on to a specialist if needed. We also have a portable x-ray unit to be able to work on horses or other farm animals.

Soft tissue surgery

We provide surgical care for a variety of situations from the routine spays and neuters to the more advanced exploratory surgeries, amputations, or mass removals.

Dental care and surgery

We can assist your pet with routine dental cleanings and care as well as any extractions that may be needed. We are excited to announce that we now have the ability to perform digital dental x-rays as part of your pet's dental evaluation.  Dental x-rays are an important tool if there is any periodontal disease present in the mouth and x-rays are essential for evaluating any disease below the gumline. If there is more extensive dental work needed, we usually refer you to a board certified animal dentist. (Dr. Eberhard in Kalamazoo at Oakwood Animal Hospital).

ECG screening

This is for monitoring the heart and any irregularity or rate disturbances. We can print the report and send it to a cardiologist for assistance if needed.

Endoscope procedures

This is a special piece of equipment that can help us visualize the inside of the stomach or esophagus without going to surgery, although the pet does need to be sleeping since it is advanced down through the mouth. It has also been used to retrieve socks from the stomach!

Blood pressure (Doppler) monitoring/screening

This is a way to accurately detect and monitor the blood pressure of a pet. This is most useful when a pet has kidney, heart or eye disease.

Glaucoma screening (with Tonopen instrument)

This is an instrument used to accurately detect the intraocular pressure of the eye when suspicious of glaucoma or sudden redness, blindness, or pain associated with the eye.

Micro-chipping (with universal scanner)

This is a critically important step to ensure and protect your pet’s safety, greatly increasing the chances of being reunited if you should ever become separated. We recommend all pets be micro-chipped and also registered with the chips company, making sure to update the information if you ever move. We use the Avid microchips.

Equine hospitalization and treatment

We have 2 large stalls where we can hospitalize your larger friend indoors. We can start them on an IV (if needed) and provide care and treatment here at our facility.

Farm calls (horses, goats, llamas, sheep)

Horses, goats, llamas, sheep (Dr. Spink enjoys working with cattle)

At Home Euthanasia (starting at $150)

This is a service that we provide to help ease the stress and sadness for the pet and the owner. We can also help transport your loved one back to the hospital for cremation. Call us for cremation prices (based on weight). Please consider the following support link from “MSU Pet Loss Support Hotline” to help with the grieving process.

Cremation Services and Memorial Paw Prints

Noah's Pet Cemetery & Pet Crematory comes twice a week to care for our loved ones bodies.